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The tenth initiation ceremony

On the 17th of February 2022, the anniversary tenth initiation ceremony of the Czech Alpha Chapter of UPE at Czech Technical University in Prague held place.

Ph.D. at Baylor University in the USA

Our member, Michal Trnka, has started his Ph.D. studies at the Baylor University in Vaco, Texas. He thus joins a line of members of our chapter who have (partially) completed their studies at the Baylor University.

Michal Trnka at the Baylor University

Barbora Suchanová has been awarded the UPE scholarship

This year, 39 UPE members have been awarded the UPE scholarship, and $50.000 has been distributed amongst them. Our president, Barbora Suchanová, has been amongst the most successful ones as she has won the Dan Drew Award worth of $2.500. Congratulations!

Triumph of our members at Microsoft Imagine Cup

A Czech team, involving our president Barbora Suchanová, triumphed in the prestigious Imagine Cup organized by Microsoft. Their X.GLU solution, designed to help people suffering from diabetes syndromes, secured them the first place in the tough competition of 54 teams that made it to the finals. Congratulations!

The X.GLU team

Software development in practice

Ladislav Prošek gave a great lecture at FEE CTU about his job experiences in Microsoft, Facebook, and Red Hat. He revealed to us the secrets of software development in these giant companies and gave a very interesting and entertaining talk.

Ladislav Prošek giving the lecture

During the lecture

MBZIRC 2017: Drones from CTU won in the prestigious robotics competition

The team from CTU, accompanied by a representative from the University of Pensylvania and the University of Lincoln, succeeded in the first edition of the $5m funded Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Competition. The team grabbed gold and silver medals in two (out of three) challenges it competed in, and later succeeded in the Grand Challenge where they took bronze (with the help of the team from the University of Padua).

UPE Initiation Ceremony

We welcome 21 new members who have joined our chapter during the initiation ceremony held at FEE CTU on January 16, 2017. Following the ceremony, the members of the chapter united on the dinner in the nearby Klub MAT.

Initiation Ceremony

Our UPE chapter at CTU receives award

Among 7 awarded chapters, from the total amount of 275 chapters, is our CTU UPE chapter. UPE is the honour society for students of computer science and informatics. The Honorable Mention Award grants our chapter with 250 USD and mostly allows us to present our activities at the annual UPE convention. Our chapter is represented by FEE student of Open Informatics, Antonín Novák.

UPE PhDs at Baylor University Internship

Our two members, Karel Čemus and Luboš Mátl supported by UPE to go for Doctoral Study Internship to Computer Science department at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.


UPE supports students for RedHat-CTU Internships

UPE supports 3 master students for RedHat-CTU Internships. Three months in Brno in the largest RedHat development center and three months of remote cooperation from CTU in Prague. We hope this is a good start for more similar opportunities for our students.


UPE 2014 Annual Convention

The UPE Annual Convention was held in cyberspace hosted by Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the 4th of January. The UPE Executive council members introduced UPE scholarship awards, new chapters chartered in 2013 and International Collegiate Programming Contest 2014 which will take place in Ekaterinberg, Russia. Next, the five outstanding chapter reports were presented by their chapter representatives. Our chapter was one of the top five chapters. Afterwards, new member of the UPE Executive council, Dr. Cathrine Linnes, was introduced and finally, Dr. James Comer was awarded with the prestigious Abacus award.

Presentation of UPE in Brno

The Czech Alpha Chapter presented its goals at RedHat/JBoss international conference DevConf 2014 in the second largest Czech city Brno. Watch online.

International job opportunity

Members of our Chapter who are currently finishing studies are offered a job opportunity at Amazon Web Services. Especially in Identity & Access Management team in Seattle, Washington and possibly in Los Angeles, California in the U.S. For more information please contact our Faculty Advisor Tomáš Černý.

Master's degree in Texas with scholarship

Students from our ranks, who are interested, can apply to study at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. One would need to be able to communicate in English and the university requires applicants to undertake GRE test. One could receive full scholarship and teacher assistant job. For more information please contact Tomáš Černý.

Our Chapter in Czech Television

Our Chapter's second initiation ceremony has made an appearance in the main evening news of a public television broadcaster Česká televize (Czech Television) on the main channel ČT1. Furthermore, our Faculty Advisor Tomáš Černý and visiting Ex-officio from Texas, James Comer, have been interviewed in the TV show Studio 6 on a news channel ČT24. You can visit a web page (in czech) dedicated to the report. You will find there both of the recorded TV footages and a short article. For the whole footage of the news, see the archive of Czech Television.

The second initiation ceremony

On the 9th of January of 2014 will be held the second initiation ceremony of the Czech Alpha Chapter of UPE at Czech Technical University in Prague. The ceremony will take place at CTU, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Karlovo náměstí 13. For more information follow the flyer.

UPE students at Baylor University

Our two members, Petr Smrček and Petr Ryšavý, receive a prestigious scholarship to study at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It is an honor for our chapter to join such excellent students together and watch their success in the world. Congratulations!

Talk about Google internship and Avast! success

UPE is happy to invite you to a lecture about Internships and about great success of company Avast with free software. Our member Tereza presents experiences from 9 month long internship at Google in Munchen, Petr presents his experience from studies in Sweden and about is preparation towards his PhD there. Last, but not least speaker is a marketing director of Avast, who gives a talk about a great success of the Avast! Free Antivirus. In his talk he shares experience with free software business, with no penny spent on an advertisement. The session is held on the November 18th, 2013 at Karlovo Namesti in room KN:E-107 at FEE CTU. The talk will be in czech language and here is the invitation flyer.

UPE Scholarship Award

Each summer the Executive Council of UPE evaluates a number of outstanding scholarship applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All scholarship applicants are required to complete a comprehensive application form which requires each applicant to attach all college-level transcripts, UPE adviser recommendation and statements from applicants related to their contributions to their respective UPE chapters and related student activities at their university, as well as their long-term plans for the profession. 

Our Vice-president Karel Cemus was selected to receive the UPE Scholarship Award for 2013! Congratulations!

Avast Excursion for UPE members


The day schedule and list of lectures can be downloaded here.

CTU Students in a World Elite and Open Informatics on CTU wrote and article about our chapter foundation! Both links are in czech.


The first induction ceremony

In January of 2013 held the first induction ceremony of the Czech Alpha Chapter of UPE at Czech Technical University in Prague. For more information follow the flyer.